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DEVON has three major product lines of AC tools, DC lithium tools and laser & electronic measuring tools, which can not only provide you with quality industry-level tools, but also "convenient, fast, professional and quality-ensuring" after-sales service.

Therefore, since Jan 1, 2011, we will provide additional 6 months of prolonged guarantee period for the customers who buy our products and register on the Internet.

First, register as a user. Then we will send an email with “user name and code” to your mail box.

Log in again with "user name and code". Then we will send a confirmation e-mail with "additional 6 months of prolonged guarantee period" to your mail box of registration. We suggest you print this email and put it with the invoice as the evidence for "prolonged guarantee period".

Besides, you can also register with the help of the distributor;please keep firmly in mind to register as a user.

Note: Attachment, battery and charger are not in the range of prolonged guarantee period.

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